Getting the axe

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And then this happened...

So our house flooded and I decided to take Hadley to Idaho while the demolition was happening. She was just starting to crawl everywhere and it would be hard to keep all the dry wall out of her mouth.
We got to Firth on Monday and I was totally fine. We went and watched Pirates of Penzance that night and I remember my side hurting a little as if I had been running but nothing big.
The next morning I woke up around 6:00 am in with pains in my stomach. My mom came into say goodbye and saw me hunched over, but I told her I would be fine. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but then the usual gross stuff that comes out of your body never came :).  It was about noon when I decided I had no idea what was going on and the pain grew worse.
For some reason whenever I'm sick I assume I'm just being a baby and partly faking it. I think it's because my doctor told me that Redheads are more sensitive to pain- so I think is  this real or is this a redhead thing???
Around 1:00  I was lying in the tub trying to help with the pain and nothing. I got out and had to crawl from the back of my parents house out to the family room where I had left my phone. I had my head on the floor while I sent out a mass text to my family asking someone to get a doctors appointment for me.
When Kellie text me back and asked if I needed someone to drive me the 1/4 mile to the office and I said yes, she thought she better check on me.
When she came in I couldn't move from my ball position and couldn't stop tears anymore. So she took me right in. The appointment wasn't for another hour but when they saw me come in they took me right back. At this point I had started vomiting. The doctor was very quick to come to the conclusion that it was my appendix and set up a Cat scan at the hospital. They gave me something for the pain, but that didn't seem to kick in until just before they rolled me in for surgery.
So my dad came and picked me up to take me to Idaho Falls and Kellie took Hadley. We made it 5 minutes from the hospital and I looked at my dad and said "I need to throw up". He handed me his hat... I owe him a new one.
Luckily the doctor had called and set up the cat scan because they checked me right in. Then my mom had them call her doctor and he came right in for me. If they hadn't I would have been waiting all night.
Once they were positive it was my appendix I was in surgery within about an hour. It was a little scary to be wheeled into the room and have the nurses seem frantic putting things in order. I wanted to ask for a permanent marker to write appendix on my forehead. I kept looking over at the doctor in the corner and he seemed completely calm, which calmed me. He's the one that matters right.
I laid there listening to the nurse trying to figure out who was going to put me under and seemingly the next minute I woke up and asked a different nurse if they had found the guy. He looked at me and was like you're already done.
They watched me for a couple hours and then I felt so good about 9:00 pm I asked them if I could get checked out.
The only pain I felt after was in my shoulders, a lot of pressure from the air the fill you up with so they can do the surgery.
Plus it was Hadley's first sleepover at Kellie's. I had my mom bring up my pump and tried to get as much as I could for her before they pumped me full of drugs, but I couldn't get very much. Luckily I had brought an extra bottle with me the day before. Sadly it all ran out that night and Kellie and Hadley had a long night together.

Don't worry I'm not dead.

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