Getting the axe

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bun in the Oven

This was my baby shower...
 The banner 
 This is the painting I drew and painted for Hadley. And the baby quilt I made and my mom had finished. 
 This is the present area before the presents arrived. My sister Janae found this changing table at a garage sale and painted it up really cute. Kellie and Liberty roughed up the edges. My family found the high chair at a garage sale. And my Grandma Anthony got me the jogging/biking stroller. 

 Since it was a bun in the oven theme, we had cinnamon buns. We also had fruit shish kabobs & coconut fruit dip, quiche, and my favorite Reed's Dairy chocolate milk. I took some lactaid so I could actually drink some. 

 Sorry if your in the middle of talking. 
 My mom and her sisters. 
 The pregnant ladies. I'm huge! My sister Janae and cousin Julie. 

This is a series of Averie stealing strawberries and dipping it straight into the sugar. 

I just thought they were cute. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Boys Trip

When the boys get a weekend they have to work. 

And now I have a garden. I need to take pictures of how fast it has grown. 


Our Easter Egg Hunt in California.

We got tons of candy and cute baby clothes for baby Hadley.