Getting the axe

Friday, July 12, 2013

One year old party

Happy Birthday... Hadaley, Haderley, Mad Hadder, and Chiclets.

We had to spend the day flying home from Nashville because our flight the night before was canceled due to thunderstorms. Good thing I was over prepared and excited for her first birthday because I had everything planned and wrapped months ago. When we got home she had a bad cough and was wheezing, so the after party was spent in the doctor's office getting a shot for croup. So far we have spent Christmas Eve and her birthday at the doctors... That's ok just gives us a reason to continue the party today. We saved some presents to hopefully open when she's a little more excited. We can't wait to do it again with our Anthony cousins. 

Ice Cream Party

Accidental Twins. 

The day after the party, still sick but found a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. 

I love my baby & can't believe it's been a whole year since I first met her. Can't wait for many more birthdays to come.