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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our first non-smelly, actually painted, with proper ventalation house.

We finally got it! And we moved in last night. So it's just a small split level 3 bedroom town home, but will hopefully be the good investment we are planning on using it for. The couple we bought it from kept it in great condition, made lots of upgrades, and left it really clean. I'm sure I'll want to paint some of it but the paint is pretty fresh and very nicely done, so I could slack off for a while if I want. 

 Front room 
 Front room taken from the dining room. 
 Dining room 
 Kitchen they fixed it to put the microwave in over the stove which is a great help to the limited counter space. And my favorite part is the upgraded oven. Convection air and deeper and wider than a regular oven. Plus the inside of it is a pretty royal blue, which just happens to be my favorite color. 
 Half bath on the first floor. The plan is to put a shower and stackable washer and dryer back in there to make 2 whole baths. 
 Front entry from the top of the stairs.
 Master bedroom. With an entrance to the bathroom. 
 2nd full bathroom. 
 2nd bedroom. Our guest bedroom. So come and visit we have a Queen size bed to put in there. 
 Third- Soon to be baby room. 

Most of the helpers we're too busy helping. Luckily they all came or else it would have been a lot of me looking at Bryan work.  I'm sure I'll take more pictures once we've actually moved in but this is for my family so I didn't have to text a million pictures. 

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