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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bridal Shower

So I back to the wedding. I wanted to post about this before we moved on to other things in life so I better get on it. To date these were the best days of my life. Being older and the last to get married turned out to be a great advantage, I milked more out of it by reminding my mom how great of a miracle it was that I was getting married. I'll start with the bridal shower and hopefully get to the rest soon. (If I ever get my wedding pictures back... jk jk jessica.) My sisters and mom definitely went above and beyond to help me celebrate. 
 I love my Ririe girls! And Shantay! 

Best friends through my life including sisters, roommates, girls that have felt like sisters, students, cousins, and new in laws- I have the best friends! 

So many girls that mean so much to me. Plus I got hooked up! Well it seemed like a whirlwind, but really we had been dating since November and took things so slow.... Until we decided to get married and it hasn't seem to slow down since. 

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  1. looking at these pictures make me miss Idaho and also makes me wish I could have been there! I am so happy for this new life you have- hope the whole married thing is wonderful for the both of you!