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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Break

This is half of my spring break, the first half we spent in California. Apparently my computer didn't end up with any of those pictures. It was weird to think it was only the second time I had been to Bryan's house and I'll be having his baby in July... But it is nice to have in-laws in a warm location and I wouldn't mind visiting more often, especially in the winter.
Maybe I'll get the pictures one day and blog about it.

The second half I spent with the girls in Boise. I hadn't been to Idaho FCCLA since I taught at Ririe- oh the memories. I always compare the difference between teaching in Idaho and Utah and this year I learned that Idaho FCCLA state advisers are mean and Utah FCCLA state advisers are nice. Don't worry I still love Idaho more. 
These are the pictures we took before the banquet we went to while we were there.  
The pregnant sisters- which I am excited to have babies so close together and it kills me that neither of us planned on having a baby right now at all. It's meant to be. In fact when Janae called and told me, Bryan and I had decided to wait until Christmas to tell everyone. Usually I would crack and tell Janae but my head was spinning with shock and I was dying laughing. I don't know how I held out another month. 

Direct Comparison. I know Janae is smaller and carrying hers way lower, mine is up in my rib cage! Which I guess holds true that you carry girls high and boys low. 

 The little girls minus Averie. Which when we came home and saw Averie you could tell she had been taken care of by boys. I love that David attempts the hair-do's. 

 We didn't even mean to color coordinate!
So this pregnancy is starting to wind down! I'm getting a little nervous... I still have been throwing up 3 times a week. And I can't wait for summer!

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