Getting the axe

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wickedly Wicked

The show that I am probably the last person to see. But I saw it and it was AWESOME! 

I know what you're thinking... Bryan needs to get me a new camera for Christmas. I know, I've asked, we'll see... 

This was poor Bryan almost the whole time I was there. He got an infection in a tooth the dentist had just repaired. It was bad! Luckily on Saturday the dentist was able to see him right before we went to the show. He numbed him up real good. Then we went off to the show. If he hadn't I guess I would have had to leave Bryan home in misery while I enjoyed wicked alone. Seriously I was not going to miss out on another opportunity to see this show. 

This trip worked out so well. I was asked to go to a training for school in Orlando the second week of October. The other teachers and I had one day to do Disney, so we hit 4 parks in one day.... exhausting. Then from there to Virginia. I had a fall break the next week so I didn't have to take too many days off and was able to spend the whole week with Bryan. Finally! And he comes home tomorrow! So glad to be done.


  1. I hate you! :) glad you finally got to partake in the amazing wickedness though! :) and I hear you have been coming to Idaho a lot but weird I've never seen you....:)

  2. NO Miss are not the last person to see WICKED that would be me and I have lived here for 3 of these days :) I am sorry that I did not get to say hi to you at least and I would LOVE to hear how you two met!!!

    I am glad his training is over and he gets to come home that is WONDERFUL!!!

  3. I love that fun you got to see it! I am glad he is done too!