Getting the axe

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Labor Day

Welcome to 
This is the way I like my crab..... dead.... with melted butter.
Well so far in our marriage Bryan has lived through an earthquake & a hurricane, in the totally unprepared east coast. I wish I would have been there... nothing cool happens in Utah. 
Some pictures of the Irene's passing. 

North Carolina First in Flight. 

We were in Kill Devil Hills where the Wright brothers took flight. You would think that would be the decor of the tourist town. Nope, it was Pirates/Christmas. Really? Ok pirates are cool, but I'm sure other places have that claim to fame. No one has flight, and it's kind of a big deal. And Christmas? Why? I mean I have no problem with Christmas, but in a beach town? And the two combined together??? Really? 

And on the way home Carolina BBQ & Cowboy Pigs.


  1. I was so glad we missed the hurricane...we flew out the thurs before to cali!!! It looks crazy!!

  2. Melody welcome to the joys and the craziness of the east coast it never fails to entertain!!!